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    Governance Program
    for Governing Boards of Cooperatives
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    Governance Program
    for Governing Boards of Cooperatives

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Drive the development of the cooperative

As the governance body of cooperatives, Governing Boards face the task and responsibility of encouraging the development and competitiveness of cooperatives. They must adopt a long-term vision for the future and implement a strategy based on corporate management principles.

For that reason, it is key that the members of the Governing Boards, representing all the partners of the cooperative, have the required training to understand competitive challenges properly, to define the responsibilities of the Governing Board and the role it must play to carry out governance tasks efficiently.


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LENGTH 4 ½ days
PLACE Antequera (Malaga)
START June 2018
TIME 10:00h a 18:30h

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Which are the objectives of the Cooperative Program?


Improve governance activities of Governing Boards.


Improve the understanding of business environment challenges and their impact on cooperatives.


Define the responsibilities of Governing Boards and the role they must play in order to carry out governance activities efficiently.

Case Study Method


  • Specialized and up-to-date case studies.
  • Description of real and complex business situations that pose similar challenges and difficulties to those faced by businesspeople and managers in their companies.
  • Discussions with people from the case studies and in-depth dialogues with CEOs and business leaders to analyze their business model and their response strategies towards business challenges.


  • COMPETITIVE CHALLENGES OF THE AGRI-FOOD CHAIN: Cooperative business in the context of the global food chain, governing cooperatives with market perspective, “understanding the customer: what do distribution channels think and need.
  • FINANCE FOR GOVERNING BOARDS: Some numbers a member needs to handle to make decisions, investment and indebtedness criteria to endure over time, which ratios a Governing Board should monitor.​
  • COOPERATIVE GOVERNANCE: The function of a member to lead the future of the cooperative, the roadmap for an efficient Governing Board, conflict of interests as partner and member of a cooperative, Governing Board and cooperative managerial structure.

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The Cooperative Program is addressed to:

  • Members of the Governing Boards of agri-food cooperatives.
  • Cooperatives from all the links in the Food Chain (farming, cattle industry, supplies, food processing industry, distribution channels and other related services).
  • It is advisable that every cooperative may bring several members to the Program in the interest of establishing a common framework that may improve them.
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